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I worked really hard on this installment of my graphic novel Concept Album Extravaganza (formally known as Changes). It’s the most emotional scene in the story that’s not a death scene. It’s also the scene I’ve re-read the most in the entire story, and the reason why it’s impossible for anyone to use my OTP to break my heart. After this scene, they already have broken my heart.

Context isn’t necessarily needed, but if you insist, Floyd was playing “Goodbye Blue Sky” when Ziggy walked in at the beginning. This is the first time in weeks that they’ve seen each other, even though they live in the same apartment, because Ziggy has been staying out late playing shows and partying. Floyd attempts a drug intervention, but… well, you can read the rest yourself. It turns out this is the last time they speak to each other face to face before Ziggy dies.

The scene in photographic and textual form can be found here, at least partially.

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If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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headcanon that night vale has its own version of “breaking bad,” only instead of being about a chemistry teacher who cooks meth it’s about a sheriff’s secret police officer who bakes illegal wheat and wheat by-products. it’s called “baking bad.”

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There was an immensely cold and savage silence. The robots regarded him with hideously dead eyes. They stood very still. There was something intensely macabre about their appearance, especially to Zaphod who had never seen one before or even known anything about them. The Krikkit Wars belonged to the ancient past of the Galaxy, and Zaphod had spent most of his early history lessons plotting how he was going to have sex with the girl in the cybercubicle next to him, and since his teaching computer had been an integral part of this plot it had eventually had all its history circuits wiped and replaced with an entirely different set of ideas which had then resulted in it being scrapped and sent to a home for Degenerate Cybermats, whither it was followed by the girl who had inadvertently fallen deeply in love with the unfortunate machine, with the result (a) that Zaphod never got near her and (b) that he missed out on a period of ancient history that would have been of inestimable value to him at this moment.

Illustration by Jonathan Burton

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U2 Challenge

~Five Videos~

"I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For" is one of my very favorite U2 videos because its beauty is its simplicity. Supposedly the video was filmed on a whim when U2 were in Las Vegas on the Joshua Tree Tour, and I suspect there was alcohol involved at some point that night… The band is featured walking around the Vegas strip and interacting with random passersby, sometimes getting a little close for comfort- hey, Bono, why are you kissing two different women here? While our lovable frontman gets up to no good, Edge just wanders around, guitar in hand, and rolls his eyes at the antics. Larry shows off his rare singing skills- or rather lip-syncing- and the ever cool Adam Clayton just walks off into the night, as if to say “I’m done here.” The highlight for me would have to be U2 leading a motley crew down the street in a singalong.

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*wakes you up in the middle of the night* look at this it’s important

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Favorite concert- I love the Secret World Live concert, because of the spectacle and everything, but I think the songs were best performed in Live in Athens on the So tour. I also have a soft spot for that audio-only concert from the second album’s tour at the Bottom Line in New York.



Peter Gabriel // Mercy Street

Pulling out the papers from the drawers that slide smooth 
Tugging at the darkness, word upon word 

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